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Wordless Wednesday- Inspiration

How to Make an Offering to Fairies and Gnomes (Earth Spirits) – Earth Energy Healings

This blog is really amazing, my daughter and I have been making fairy soup for our garden all summer!

An offering is an extension of your genuine self with the intention of showing your love, friendship, and gratitude to another. Read this post of 4 tips on preparing an offering for your friends of the forest, fairies and gnomes.

Source: How to Make an Offering to Fairies and Gnomes (Earth Spirits) – Earth Energy Healings


Miniature Chaos…

Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I lack certain organizational skills. I definitely don’t run the cleanest of households, my car is a disaster, and procrastination was my middle name in college. Yet, somehow, I’m always on time, I always honor my commitments, and I never forget to put those I love first and foremost. My mind works in very atypical ways, and no, I do not have adult ADHD. It’s that I see the larger picture every day while my brain records the tiniest details. So in addition to my messiness, I have bouts of strange intuition bordering on precognition, which are not magical in nature but simply connections my brain makes because I tend to notice and remember everything. So, in a sense, it makes complete sense that I like to create perfect tiny things, one of a kind miniatures that I hope will shape or open other’s imaginations. Here are some of my latest, really tiny creations.

A miniature chandelier, because... why not?

A miniature chandelier, because… why not?

The tiniest acorn tea set.

The tiniest acorn tea set.

A dual-sided shell fairy bath.

A dual-sided shell fairy bath.

What looks “like crazy on an ordinary day”? Me.

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Wordless Wednesday and Pixies…

Fairy Slideshow…

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Every little girls dream…

My business started because of my daughter, but my first few customers were undeniably granny’s, purchasing for themselves. I have had a lot of eighty year olds tell me stories about childhood fairy villages, memories and feelings of childhood magic, and having troubles with their computer:) I assumed this was my target market, and it wasn’t until the first Christmas season that I discovered parents, aunts, and uncles buying for girl’s. Girl’s that love dollhouses, fairies, Coraline, and all things Tim Burton. Girl’s with rich imaginations, ripe for something other that the usual Toy R Us fare.. Here are two items pandering specifically to that audience…

This box was made for the light sleeper/true believer in mind! And because I’ve worried about how I will ever slip anything under my own poor sleeper’s pillow:) The box is first painted lavender, then brushed with purple glitter, and adorned with a fairy cameo and flowers. The shell within is secured to the lining, and is where a tiny tooth may be placed.

This surprise fairy dwelling looks like a pretty, feminine box that any girl would love to own. But the real gift is the detailed fairy home within, with three levels on the left hand side, and four on the left. I imagine a girl of six or seven displaying this creation in her bedroom, and then folding it like a suitcase and taking it to Grandma’s for the weekend.

Hopefully I have my finger on the pulse of every little girl’s dream…

My fairy cup of tea…

I have become a little obsessed with vintage teacups, their daintiness, fragility, and beauty. I like how I feel when I hold them in my hand, a little more delicate, more whimsical, perhaps more mysterious. I’ve discovered the most charming antique store in my town, Carriage House Antiques, with the most amazing selection of vintage garden art, porcelain shoes, and… teacups. There is a ton of inspiration in that shop, and the chatty owners are some of the nicest ladies I’ve met. Here is and example of how vintage, mismatched or lonely teacups can be up cycled into fairy art:)

DSCN9642DSCN9606DSCN9569I think these would make charming housewarming or thank-you gifts. But more importantly, they breathe new life into an old cup of tea!

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