Miniature Chaos…

Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I lack certain organizational skills. I definitely don’t run the cleanest of households, my car is a disaster, and procrastination was my middle name in college. Yet, somehow, I’m always on time, I always honor my commitments, and I never forget to put those I love first and foremost. My mind works in very atypical ways, and no, I do not have adult ADHD. It’s that I see the larger picture every day while my brain records the tiniest details. So in addition to my messiness, I have bouts of strange intuition bordering on precognition, which are not magical in nature but simply connections my brain makes because I tend to notice and remember everything. So, in a sense, it makes complete sense that I like to create perfect tiny things, one of a kind miniatures that I hope will shape or open other’s imaginations. Here are some of my latest, really tiny creations.

A miniature chandelier, because... why not?

A miniature chandelier, because… why not?

The tiniest acorn tea set.

The tiniest acorn tea set.

A dual-sided shell fairy bath.

A dual-sided shell fairy bath.

What looks “like crazy on an ordinary day”? Me.

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