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Wordless Wednesday- What’s Your Sign?



My fairy cup of tea…

I have become a little obsessed with vintage teacups, their daintiness, fragility, and beauty. I like how I feel when I hold them in my hand, a little more delicate, more whimsical, perhaps more mysterious. I’ve discovered the most charming antique store in my town, Carriage House Antiques, with the most amazing selection of vintage garden art, porcelain shoes, and… teacups. There is a ton of inspiration in that shop, and the chatty owners are some of the nicest ladies I’ve met. Here is and example¬†of how vintage, mismatched or lonely teacups can be up cycled into fairy art:)

DSCN9642DSCN9606DSCN9569I think these would make charming housewarming or thank-you gifts. But more importantly, they breathe new life into an old cup of tea!

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