Hate turns to love….

I hated this piece when I started working on it. It seemed dull, drab, and I had absolutely no vision as to what it might become. Many days and many hours later it is one of my new favorites, a little more whimsical, a little more jaunty, a little weirder than my other houses… Sure I had to pull it apart and rebuild it a couple of times, but now I’m satisfied… Which brings me to the hate turns to love part…

It’s funny, but during this build I realized when I was dating, the person who irritated me the most, angered me the most, was my husband. We never seemed to be on the same page, he seemed like a “fixer upper”, he said things that would have me seething for days. He was never unkind, in any way, he just had this way of getting under my skin like no-one else. We just had our tenth anniversary last weekend, and I realized that while our first few years of marriage were tumultuous, I would marry him all over again. Out of all of those I have loved, I love him possibly, probably, definitely the most. It was hate (ok, annoyance) that turned to intense love. Like this project…

jaunty, off center, charming

jaunty, off center, charming

with signs stating the obvious

with signs stating the obvious

just a little slice of happiness

just a little slice of happiness


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