Fairy Disability…

A friend of mine write books in his rarely found spare time at his new gig, Mr. Mom. They are all children’s books, and I imagine they are the kind of humorous fare he wishes was readily available to his two gorgeous girls. Recently, he asked me to participate in the creation of one of these gems, using pictures of my fairy homes as illustrations.

The book is about a young fairy girl with a bum wing, a subtle disability with a difficult side effect. She is a fairy that just can’t fly. Throughout the book this fairy girl is teased and excluded, until one of her fairy “friends” walks a mile in her shoes. Literally. Then things change dramatically for her.

I’m very excited to possibly become part of this project, but also a bit nervous because I’ve never been involved in anything like this. And although heavy, the subject matter is important and I’d want the book to be engaging visually as well as through the storyline. Here is one of the fairy houses that may be featured. Critiques are welcome!

the front

the front

the side view

the side view

the loft

the loft


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