Grief through my fingers…

Watching someone you love decline from an incurable disease is one of the most soul sucking experiences unique to the human race. Wild animals are luckier, lacking doctors and medicines to prolong the suffering, both for the patient and their loved ones. If I didn’t have an artistic hobby, the compulsion and the desire to create, I really don’t know how I would deal with what I am seeing. Bad day, bad doctors appointment, make a fairy/gypsy caravan, and imagine running away to travel the world. Achieve a state of flow, and let the fear slide though my fingers. Noticing a mental decline in my loved one, hoping she hasn’t caught on, and glue moss for hours, letting the sadness slide through my fingers. Watching someone struggle for every breath they take, build a fairy sailboat to imagine sailing the seas, and slowly allow grief to slide though my fingers…

There is so much beauty and pain in life, and they inevitably go hand in hand. When my emotions become so insurmountable and overwhelming, miniature beauty creates order out of chaos. I am so very grateful for the outlet.

fairy/gypsy caravan

fairy/gypsy caravan

Things have gotten intense enough I had to make two.

Things have gotten intense enough I had to make two.

come sail away with me...

come sail away with me…


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