I didn’t start crafting, or “making art”, until much later in age. After 15 years in the medical field, serving others clinically but not nurturing my spirit, I became a mom, and everything changed. The world became clearer, the colors brighter, and I needed to take a break from the sickness and grief that intertwined my patients daily lives. It’s not that the work wasn’t important, it simply left me with nothing at the end of the day. Although I was giving, I certainly wasn’t growing.

After my daughter’s birth, it shocked me to wake up to her smiling face- EVERY DAY. I hadn’t realized how much I had lost within my profession; the joy in new experiences, the beauty of the novel, the fact that so many things were still… unknown. I had lost my verve, my perception was skewed, and I decided it was time to take a much needed break.

I believe EVERYONE has the ability to create art. And I  believe that everyone would be just a little bit happier if they let themselves return to childlike play and create… something. The satisfaction is unparalleled.

As an “older, new artist”, or crafter, or struggling mom… my goal with Tinkerwhims is to share my whims with others. And to inspire and empower them to follow their own.


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